Sunday, April 18, 2010


I've done 5 images and 5 one page stories for a part of a Tarot book that will be published by IDW.

As part of this, I will be heading to Brussels and Paris

Thursday 27 May - Opening (at 18.00 or 6pm) at Petits Papiers 1 Place Fontainas, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Opening of Tarot art exhibition (including live Tarot reading performance and burning of Sam Kieth's art)
Friday 28 May - Signing session (15.00-18.00 or 3 to 6pm) at Brüsel  100 Boulevard Anspach, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Saturday 29 May - Opening (at 18.00 or 6pm) at Petits Papiers, Village Saint Honoré, 91 Rue Saint Honorée, 75001 Paris, France
Sunday 30 May (at 14.00 or 2pm) - Signing Session (14.00-17.00 or 2 to 5pm) Petits Papiers, Village Saint Honoré, 91 Rue Saint Honorée, 75001 Paris, France

Also taggin' along with me will be:
David Mack
Barron Storey
Joshua Hagler
Miran Kim
Mike Dringenberg

and art by Sam Keith, Ashley Wood, and John Watkiss

show at Columbia U in may

I will have some prints of some of my paintings here:
Eco-Expressions exhibition at Columbia University: The main event will be an outdoor festival on May 1st.

Friday, April 9, 2010


at this weekend's Mocca comic fest here in NY. I will be debuting a four page comic called "Sense Memory" written by Eric Skillman. He will be at table E16 (he thinks). I will be randomly everywhere and no where at least on Saturday.

Hope to see you there

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Show in Zurich

Group show exhibition scheduled for 2010: From july 27 august 19.08 at Museum of Porn in Art in Zurich (Switzerland).

review of Austin show

review here

More parties at the gallery April 3 from 1-3pm
Closing party April 17th from 6-10pm

review in the Austin Chronicle(Firefox didn't open correctly for me so try another browser if that happens with you)

BiRDHOUSE is located on 1304 E. Cesar Chavez in Austin, TX 78702.

facebook invite